Rocky Mountain Hikes: The Real Thing Begins

By the time we unloaded all our “stuff” into the cabin next to Morraine Welcome Center we were pretty tuckered out and it was late in the day. The sun has a way of suddenly disappearing at 7,000 feet, and heading out for a lengthy hike at 4 pm is not the smartest thing to […]

Hike VIII: Lake Odessa Challenge

We rely heavily on the recommendations of fellow photographers and the rangers in national parks for choosing the hikes we make. We turn to hiking books for supplemental ideas for hikes of challenge and interest. Two separate hiking books tell us that there is a hike to yet another lake worth considering: Lake Odessa. Not […]

Hiking VI – Birds Flying Under Water? – Ouzel Falls

Here we go with hike number six. While not on the radar screen of our triangulated photo and ranger friends recommendation, it has high appeal for us two waterfall lovers. Ouzel Falls won’t hike us into the ground, either. Still, six miles is a distance when moving from 1,000 feet above sea level to 8,000 […]

Hiking V – This Time, All the Way – Cascade Falls

While this comes up as hike five, it’s likely going to be hike #1. It’s a moderate hike, fairly long, and into some pretty unique country in the Rockies. And I’ve been on most of it before. Way back in 2009, when visiting all the national parks was not even a gleam in our eyes. […]